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No! Change it back so it says "Steely McBean" again! It was for the best!

John Edgar Whiteoak

Wait, I'm confused. Wasn't "Steely McBeam" an uproarious 1970s movie starring Alan Arkin and James Caan as two wacky cops who play by their own rules?

John Edgar Whiteoak

By the way, if your mascot is a Pittsburgh steelworker, your team had better be in Florida, 'cause that's where all the Pittsburgh steelworkers now live.

The Steelers' mascot should be "Ernie McRetiree" or "Wanda McWalmartclerk."

Mountain Mama

I'm appalled with 20 Ps. (Bloom County reference)

Steely McBeam? Really?

First Barry Bonds, now this. At least I got to see a Pirates victory Tuesday night in Phoenix.




Frankly, I don't think I will ever think of kittens in the same way again... (sigh)...


I dunno, I think it absolutely makes sense to name your big, burly, stubbly steelworker mascot using an oblique reference to a mid-'90s anorexic lady lawyer TV show.

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